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Mobile Stores

W-B Supply pioneered the ‘Mobile Store’ concept, and despite being copied all over the United States, we are still the best at providing this valuable service to our customers.   Our Mobile Stores are customized cargo trailers stocked with supplies needed to complete well hookups in the oil field.  The trailers are delivered to our customer’s location, and left for a period of time, generally less than two weeks.  Once our customers use what they need, we either re-stock, or pickup the trailer.  In each case, we only invoice for what was used.

We manage a large fleet of trailers, deployable to any drilling location.  Our Mobile Stores are extremely popular, as they significantly reduce downtime and minimize the need for multiple trips to a supply store.

Onsite Stores

For select customers, W-B Supply offers onsite supply stores that generally serve a single operator.  The customer provides the facility, and W-B supply provides the staffing, inventory, and all back office functions.  The onsite store offers customers who use a high volume of supplies the ability to have a store on their own facility, without the capital and administrative challenges associated with running a supply store.   Each onsite store operates slightly differently depending on the customer requirements, so please contact to learn more.